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I can't hear the music. Just...all the music. No matter what I do, even maked all music parameters at hundered percent, nothing happened. Only sounds. No music.

!!! - 24/7

Put it in a folder with all of the music you should have gotten from main game.

It is already on.

Is there anyway to use a gamepad in this mod

No. Because of porting to GM:S, the Gamepad functionality is broken, and, well, I have no clue how to code gamepad support.

Do the new characters have an ultra level? I played as Brains and got to level 9 and was stuck there. No matter how many rads I took I couldn't reach 10

None do. Update 19 didn't have Ultras yet.

the mod don't start downloing

  1. this is the mod in direct download in the page say this,

I can not help to open the game gives a fatal error

What is the error?

help help i not download your mod pls help and way i not download your mod pls i liked your mod pls pls pls

I don't know what you're asking help for.

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i no download your mod by is,wait ploblem resuelt i download your mod whit the direct link sorry for my bad english

Good Mod :D