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any chance of making this work with NT togheter?


doesnt work


" Error reading SplashEdit.Lines.Strings: RichEdit line insertion error "

please fix it

That's not a gamemaker error, so that's a problem in your end.

then what is your advice?

mine is a windows 7 home premium

Hi, just downloaded the mod and I enjoy it very much! Especially Hunter, I was just wondering what some things do, Normal's throne butt, Gator's passive and active and What the point of Hunter's active is?

Normal's Throne Butt causes his right click to occasionally give you a pickup, Gator's passive puts exclamation marks above enemy's heads to alert you of where they are, and Hunter's active gives whatever your weapon is double damage.

Thanks, juat one more thing, could you explain Gators active? I understand that it follows the enemy you select with your cursor but whenever I hold it down, the cursor snaps to a place in front of it and I soon begin taking periodic damage of 1 health, is this a bug?

No. What it does is track the nearest enemy to you, and every second, you take 1 damage. This time is extended with his Throne Butt.

I see, thanks very much for the speedy replies 😃


Ow this mod not make in data win i not found my steam account and well i not play your mod NEVER thanks for you GREAT help ;(

I'd rather not get in legal trouble with Vlambeer.

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yes yes okey well thanks for the notice :(, and sorry for my shit poblems for not play your mod by not get nuclear throne i steam thanks for the notice ;)

What is the code to unlock build 19?

There isn't one.

Deleted 70 days ago

I'm actually going to try to use Resource Hacker next update to save me the hassle of the icon. Thanks for the offer, though! Means a lot.

pls make thsi mod in ist so cool in ,and i have not steam vesion of nuclear throne ,i hae the pirate vesion and i get data win pls this mod make in data win by me pls i fan of this mod and the best mod of all mods i look in the internet pls make this mod in file pls pls pls,thanks for readmign this messager bye

I'd literally be breaking a rule that Vlambeer had set when saying we could make a mod and distribute it.

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Yes But You Make Thsi Mod In Data.Win Yes Or Not,or put the exe and the data win for i play you mod Pls

Deleted 70 days ago

Relax Friend just ask if I could do it because I wanted to play , nothing but their nuclear throne mod

is there any way you can make a special version for mac all the same items and all that stuff

If you scroll down and look at the other comments, you get your answer.

I mean, can't you move the mod to GM:S and give all the code to a friend with a mac so they can make a mac version?

Well, I don't HAVE a friend with a full version of Gamemaker:Studio, and, if I want to export to Gamemaker:Studio I'd need one hundred dollars. So, the only way that I'd be able to do that is through donations, and I'm not sure if anyone's gonna donate to this mod, or if that's even legal.


You COULD make a patreon for it. It´s definitely legal, so long as you don´t sell your mod or nuclear throne itself.

(please make a mac version)

Sorry, because of how Gamemaker 8.1 works, we can't export to Mac or Linux.

Hello! i want to know if this mod is still getting updated. is it?

Yep! I'm working on adding portraits, 2 new characters, among other things.

Like if you need help in making some art contact me. You have a great mode tho

Also. how did you even made this? I want to also start modding nuclear throne. any advices?